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3 Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Their Gym Bag

February 23, 2020

Regardless of whether you’re a person who strives to stay true to your “new year, new me” resolution or someone who goes to the gym at least four times a week, there’s one fact many active women live by: you’ll never be fully prepared until you have a gym bag stocked with the essentials.

Three must-have essentials in your gym bag

If you’ve noticed yourself depending even more on your gym bag but don’t exactly feel like it’s stocked well enough for a perfect workout, here are three essentials that you should invest in:

  1. For undeniable support: A comfortable sports bra

Now, would this really be an article that covers all the essentials that you’ll need to keep in your gym bag if we didn’t start this list off with the one item that every woman needs?

In the same way that cars need gas and humans need oxygen, a good sports bra is absolutely essential for any type of workout, simply because it provides the necessary support to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. After all, could you possibly do burpees or box jumps without one?

With the right sports bra, attacking every workout and breaking your PRs will not be hard as you give your full effort into each workout.


ThiqActive Performance Sports Bra in Cyan, Provide Max Comfort & Flexbility

(ThiqActive tip: If you’re in the market for a more comfortable, cute, and high-performing sports bra that has you covered for every workout, our collection of Americano, Cali, and Performance Activewear sports bras are the perfect options for your needs!)


  1. Moving freely made easier: The perfect pair of gym leggings

Long gone are the days where women would have to suffer from chafing and active fashion felony with baggy shorts and unflattering track pants because the age of comfortable and gym leggings are finally here.

Just like peanut butter and jelly, a sports bra can only feel as good as it should if it’s paired with the right pair of leggings. With the right pair of leggings in your gym bag, you’re guaranteed to have a workout so good that you might feel like you’re capable of crushing your workout and feeling happy about yourself.


ThiqActive Performance Super Squat Proof Leggings and Sports Bra before a booty band workout

(ThiqActive tip: If you’re looking to give your workout #OOTD a much-needed enhancement for more confidence and comfort, pair any one of your ThiqActive sports bras with a matching pair of leggings that combine chic, comfort, and performance in one package!)


  1. For a better figure: A complete set of booty bands

Thanks to the unwavering desire of personal trainers and bodybuilders alike for crafting the best pair of glutes, every woman looking to get as thick as possible has been blessed with a gift: booty bands.

A trusty set of booty bands essentially works as a great supplement for anyone who is looking to get the bottom they’ve always dreamt of. Although they don’t necessarily use plates and dumbbells, booty bands help with targeting the smaller muscles in your glutes with a wide range of movements and tempos.


ThiqActive Booty Bands and Cali Super Squat Proof Leggings beach workout

(ThiqActive tip: More often than not, most gyms in America don’t have bands that are specified for proper booty work— but why settle for less when you can get a special set of ThiqActive booty bands of your own?)


Final words

Keeping your gym bag stocked with all the right essentials is important for any fit girl who’s after a perfect time in the gym at every session that they get. By stocking your gym bag with all the essentials mentioned in this list, there’ll be nothing to hold you back from slaying your workout!

If you’re looking for  activewear, get in touch with us today! We have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

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