6 Reasons Why Booty Bands Are Effective for Training

ThiqActive Booty bands—you’ve probably already seen a few people at the gym use them. You know the type. They’re the ones with shapely thighs, toned calves, and strong glutes.

If you’re looking to achieve the same level of fitness that they do, you definitely need to get your own booty band to work that lower body! “But are they really effective?” you might ask. To put it simply, yes they are—very much so, in fact.

In this article, we’ll show you why. Here, we’ll talk about six of the reasons Fabric booty bands (and resistance bands, in general) are so great at toning and strengthening your lower body.


  1. They provide excellent resistance

Booty bands and other resistance bands are great exercise tools in that they provide enough resistance to develop your strength and endurance without being uncomfortable. That’s because they’re made of soft material that follows the shape of your body, allowing them to give your muscles enough stimuli without putting you in uncomfortable or potentially dangerous positions.


ThiqActive Booty Band Standing Leg Raise, Building your Glutes


  1. They are incredibly versatile

Don’t let their name fool you. Booty bands can be used to train more than just your butt. They are usually available in different lengths, which means they can be used in different poses and exercises. As a side-effect, people of different body types and sizes will be able to incorporate them into their individual exercise routines.


ThiqActive Booty Bands Offers Non-Slip for The Perfect Squat
  1. They are available in different resistances

Booty bands also come in different weight resistances, which means you can continue using them as you grow stronger. If you find that the lighter bands are starting to become too easy, just switch it out with a heavier one so that you can keep making progress.


ThiqActive Booty Bands used for Free Standing Squat or Support Squats


  1. They don’t require additional equipment

A booty band is designed to be worn around your lower body. They won’t require additional equipment to use correctly, allowing you to get a great workout wherever you are. This means that you can stick to your program no matter where you go or how busy you are since you can simply put your booty band on and get to work.


ThiqActive 3 Set Booty Bands comes with a 30-day Booty Band Workout Challenged


  1. They’re easy to pack and bring with you anywhere

On a similar note, because booty bands are so light and flexible, you can just stash them away in your bag and take them out when you want to exercise. They’ll always be within reach, making it easy for you to get a solid workout anywhere, anytime.


  1. They’re great for warming up

Injuries can really set you back in terms of progress, and one way to prevent them from happening is by properly warming up before your workout. A booty band is an excellent tool to do this. You can use a low-resistance one to perform stretches and get your body primed for the heavier lifting.


Wrapping up

Finally, just like how a new gym can inspire people to work out harder, a brand new set of Fabric booty bands could also be a great way to motivate yourself to exercise. What are you waiting for? Get one (or five) for yourself now!

If you’re looking for a booty bands to help you train that lower body of yours, visit us today and browse our growing catalog of bands and activewear.


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