About Us

The genesis of ThiqActive began in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by a community of women who shared a burning passion for positive health, fitness and curves.


In 2019 the idea became reality, our community quickly grew and as of now we serve hundreds for happy customers every month, with a continual devotion to producing innovative work out accessories and premium performance activewear.

We exist as a channel to help women unlock their full potential, inspiring each other and working together to turn fitness goals into reality.

ThiqActive Creed - Fuelled by passion. Designed for curves.

Our Core Values

Community is our family of like-minded women working together to bring their vision of fitness to life. Our community of mums, athletes, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends stretch from Australia to across the globe, as we workout to build booty and redefine curves.

Growth is why our range of accessories from booty bands to stylish activewear exist, to empower you and create confidence, to flaunt your curves and smash your fitness goals.

Evolution is when you combine everything we do, by being true to your vision of fitness, empowering others and loving your curves, your way.

What makes ThiqActive one of a kind?
ThiqActive is like a piece of art that our customers bring to life. clothing you wear or an exercise you do to show the world a lil about yourself, confidently expressing your curves through perpetual style, eye warming colour, and dynamic durability while feeling ultra-comfortable in your own skin.


We guarantee our range of workout accessories to premium stylish activewear, will provide you the perfect tools to flaunt your curves while smashing your fitness goals.

How about your materials?
Our activewear have a finely curated blend of premium materials such as Elastane, Polyamide, Spandex and Polyester.
The perfect mixture of these materials produces activewear that offers unrestricted range of motion, breathable, wicks moisture, dries quickly and form fitting style to compliment all types of curves.
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